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True-Track, Inc, Original True-Track, Harley Wobble Stabilizer, touring link, ridestr8, glide pro, stop weaving, rearsteer, wiggling, swing arm pivot achor, wobbles on your touring model Harley with the innovators of the Missing Link stabilizer. Harley Cycles and High Speed Wobble. On September 13, 2002, the Raleigh, North Carolina News and Observer reported ! that a lo cal police officer had l ost control of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle after its front wheel began to wobble as he was passing a tractor-trailer at 85 mph, and died. 19/10/2014 · Hello folks i was wondering if i could get some feedback on this problem I am having with my 2009 street bob. Just recently in the last few months when i get up to around 70 mph the bike starts to speed wobble.

Curing Bagger Wobble - HRBW Tech. Installing Alloy Art's New Touring XR. posted Feb 24th,. we threw the bike into a corner at highway speed without so much as a hiccup. Harley-Davidson’s new 2019 Electra Glide Standard delivers a true base model with plenty of touring chops but also a raw canvas that’s priced right. However if I dont accelerate quickly to my desired speed then slow down I get speed wobbles. Basically anytime im going 85 and stay at that speed my bike starts to wobble a little and it kinda freaks me out. Its not a violent shaking or anything just a wobble, and it only stops if i slow back down. Here at Fix My Hog, we have received countless questions over the years concerning a wobble on Harley Davidsons. There are many different variables that can cause a wobble. There are a number of areas on the motorcycle to consider and inspect when diagnosing this issue. The Process.

A search for "Harley Wobble" on Google brings up a multitude of documents covering this topic, as well as law firms that offers legal services and companies offering kits to fix the problem. There's also several news reports of people suing Harley for injuries. 05/08/2009 · I usually can hit 110 faithfully. You should be able to run 80 to 90 with no wobble whatsoever. If the winds not bad you can break 100 mph and ride it pretty smooth too. If high speed wind is blowing in your face hard then yea you might get blowed around a bit but its not as bad as you think.

22/03/2018 · I had an issue with the front end of my '14 FLHTK that I also described as low speed wobble. At parking lot speeds, it felt like there was something loose between my handlebars and the front wheel. The "looseness" moderated at higher speeds, and the bike handled ok on the highway, but it would come back at slow speeds. 26/06/2011 · Hello, My bike has developed what I will call a low speed wobble. I used to be able to take my hands off the bars without any issues. Now, if I'm less than around 45 mph and I momentarily take my hands off the bars the front end starts "wobbling" progressively worsening. Wobble, shimmy, tank-slapper, speed wobble, and even death wobble are all words and phrases used to describe a quick 4–10 Hz oscillation of primarily just the steerable wheels of a vehicle. Initially, the rest of the vehicle remains mostly unaffected, until translated into a vehicle yaw oscillation of increasing amplitude producing loss of control.

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